Hi, It’s Me, Your Subconscious Mind…

“Dear Conscious Mind, We Need to Talk!!!”

…I’m having a problem with what you’ve been feeding me. I mean–those negative thoughts of self-doubt. And what about the stories you tell yourself of limitations or even scarcity?

…And then there’s the negativity of the news you listen to or what you may even read on Facebook. That’s not good!!!

…You should know that I really soak up that stuff! And I can’t help but leech it back out; that’s what I do–soak up stuff and give it back to you.

…From time to time, I can see all that negativity affecting your beliefs, attitude, and even your ambition. And that makes my job much harder to help you switch that around.

…So I need your help. I know I could do so much more for you if you only fed me better.

…Do me a favor – cut back on negative messages for a while. STOP the inner chatter that doesn’t serve you.

 …Turn off the news for a day or two (even more if you like). Don’t read those Facebook posts about doom and gloom, and then notice how much better you will feel.

…I can help you discover how easy it is to focus on the really important things in life and attract abundance all around. Whether you value friends, fine dining, travel, relaxation, nature… you can attract anything when your mindset is clear and focused.

…Let me work better for you – I can help you transform. All you need to do is feed me with positive thoughts to help you stay focused on great possibilities and the opportunities along your journey.

…Would you like that? Then work with me and give me something positive to chew on. Feed me those things you want from life. I know I can help you, and really set you up for some big wins. All you need to do is feed me the right way.

…I’m ready. Are you?”


Your Subconscious Mind


P.S. If you’d like to feed your subconscious mind with the help from some bountiful and powerful tools, check out our next training in Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy. It’s beneficial for everyone seeking the abundance of all good things not only on a professionally basis, but on a personal one as well. The secret is to use hypnosis to bypass the critical factor of your conscious mind and make the shift to an abundant mindset.


To Your Success,


Marla Brucker, DCH. R.HA

Peak Performance Coach

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Trapped in the Isolation of Our Mind…

“There is a story behind every person. There is a reason they are the way they are.  Respect them for who they are.”  ~Marc and Angel

Like many fairy tales, there are underlying messages within the story; and that too is true about the tale of Rapunzel which has a deeper meaning about one’s self-image.  Rapunzel was a young lady who lived locked up in a castle imprisoned by an old witch who continually tells her how ugly she is. One day a handsome prince passes by the tower and tells Rapunzel of her loveliness. Being insecure about her looks and after hesitating for a time, she finally let down her long golden locks so the prince could climb her hair to visit her.

Trapped in isolation for so long, it was neither the castle nor the witch that had kept her a prisoner, but the belief in her own ugliness. When she recognized her beauty reflected in the face of her prince charming, she was able to set herself free.

We all need to be aware of the ‘witch’ inside ourselves that has been stopping us from breaking free.

Our subconscious behaviors and programming are intertwined with our self-image.  When we have negative or limiting self-talk, we tend to take it out on ourselves. This may take the form of junk food binges, smoking, accidents, illness, overindulgences in alcohol or drugs, etc. This is not something that is necessarily a conscious act, although the first step is to realize that how we treat ourselves is a reflection of how much we like ourselves at any given time.

It is essential that we stay focused on positive thinking to be happy. A bad self-image can lead to subconscious sabotaging of one’s own happiness; that’s what caused Rapunzel to remain imprisoned until she was ready to set herself free from the witch within.

Change is oftentimes difficult, but hypnosis can help liberate oneself. The hardest part of the journey to one’s magnificence is believing that you are worthy.   

Remember to be the fullest expression of You…Happiness.

To Your Success,

Marla Brucker, DCH, R.HA

Peak Performance Coach

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The Best Revenge -> LIVE LIFE WELL

Last week my 3-year-old grandson Ollie came to my house to play. He immediately asked to listen to the song “Let it Go” from the movie “Frozen.” I’ve heard the song before, but I had never really heard it.

I pulled it up on YouTube so we could watch and listen to it at the same time. To my surprise, Ollie knew all the words and bellowed out the song. For me, that was the first time I really listened to its meaning.

That afternoon I read the lyrics to my NLP class without letting them know that they were from the movie “Frozen.” Each one basically said that the words described how they felt in their life either in the past or even now.

I invite you to really listen to some of the lyrics of the song “Let it Go”:

“…The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside,

Couldn’t keep it in; heaven knows I’ve tried.

Don’t let them in, don’t let them see, be the ‘good’ girl you always have to be.

Conceal, don’t feel; don’t let them know…

Well, now they know…Let it go, let it go.

Can’t hold it back any more…Let it go, let it go.

Turn away and slam the door, I don’t care what they’re going to say.

Let the storm rage on, the cold never bothered me anyway.

It’s funny how some distance makes everything seem small,

and the fears that once controlled me can’t get to me at all. 

It’s time to see what I can do, to test the limits and break through. 

No right, no wrong, no rules for me, I am one with the wind and sky. I’m Free!

…I’m never going back; the past is in the past. Let it go, let it go.

And I’ll rise like the break of dawn, let it go, let it go, the ‘perfect’ girl is gone. 

Here I stand in the light of day. Let the storm rage on, the cold never bothered me anyway….”

How many of you can relate to those words?

Well instead of waiting for the storm to pass, go out and dance in the rain. Never give your power away as others won’t use it right. Take the power yourself to create your dreams. Always belief in yourself and surround yourself with others who believe in you.

“You can alter your life by altering your mind. Change your thoughts and you change your world.” ~Norman Vincent Peale


To Your Success,

Marla Brucker, DCH, R.HA

Peak Performance Coach

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In One Word – Who Are You?

Here are some questions to ponder:

What would you do differently if you knew no one would be judging you?

What’s something that no one can ever take from you?

What’s the most valuable life lesson you learned from a mistake?

What impact do you want to leave on the people you love?

What’s something simple that makes you smile?

What’s something that used to scare you but no longer does?

What do you have total confidence in?

What do you want to remember forever?

What would your life be like if you truly trusted your inner voice?

What are your special gifts?

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched…but are felt from the heart.”
 ~Helen Keller


Believe in yourself and surround yourself with others who believe in you.


To Your Success,

Marla Brucker, DCH, R.HA

Peak Performance Coach

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Flip the Switch…and Rewrite Your Script!

A person who is at peace is someone who always approaches each situation with an empowering attitude.

Life is full of events and circumstances—some are good and some are overwhelming and unmanageable. Regardless of the situation, the only thing we can control is the attitude of how we choose to respond. Ask yourself, “Will I allow this person or situation to upset me?”  “Will I choose to stay or walk away?”  “Will I choose to yell or whisper?”  “Will I choose to react or take the time to respond, and if so, how?”  Things are neutral up until the point we give them meaning.

When there is adversity in our lives, it’s important to look at the gift it offers. Each challenge, experience, and circumstance presents us with a special gift if we choose to open our eyes, mind, and heart to receive it. We can then decide what we’re going to do next because what we focus on is a reflection of what goes on in our lives.

There are times we need to recognize the hard truth that changing a situation isn’t always possible, or simply not possible at that particular time. We can’t always change the circumstances and we definitely can’t erase the past, but we can change our attitude and how we respond. Use your response as a sense of stepping into your power.

Change things from the inside out by choosing an attitude that moves you forward, which will ultimately allow you to grow beyond the struggles you can’t control.

We have the ability to choose the attitude we want no matter the situation. Take action instead of being in reaction as you flip that switch and shift into your greatest and highest expression of self.

You are the director of your own life’s journey; make sure you’re happy with the destination.


To Your Success,

Marla Brucker, DCH, R.HA
Peak Performance Coach

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The Emergence of a Butterfly…

When does helping someone hinder one’s growth, and when do we need to reach out and offer a hand?

I was taking a walk the other day with my grandson Ollie who was about to turn 3.  He noticed a caterpillar on the ground and was fascinated by it. I began explaining to him the evolution of the butterfly. He seemed a bit confused, but was able to grasp it better when we saw a cocoon on a leaf of a plant.

Ollie wanted to help the butterfly emerge from the cocoon so he could see its beauty and watch it soar. I explained to him that in life for us to grow and become strong (physically, emotionally, and mentally) we sometimes need a helping hand to assist us. Other times we may only need the support and guidance, and at other times—no matter how challenging the task may be—we just need the encouragement from the sidelines so we can figure it out ourselves. Ollie then asked me, “How do you know what kind of help someone needs?”

That reminded me of this story of the butterfly…

There was a man watching a butterfly trying to emerge from its cocoon. The process is long and laborious as the butterfly tires easily. It first uses its tiny legs to cut a hole in the silk of the cocoon. The butterfly then spreads its wings to begin ripping open the silk even more. The butterfly then stops for a while so it can rest and regain its strength before starting again. This is repeated several times.

Wanting to help the tired butterfly, the man placed the cocoon on a table and gingerly opened the silk to assist in the process. The butterfly finally emerged. Since the progression was quite arduous, it needed to rest for a while before it could fly.

To the man’s dismay when the butterfly finally got up to fly, he noticed that its wings were weak and weren’t able to spread out to their full expression. What the man didn’t realize was that by trying to help in the evolution of the emergence, the butterfly wasn’t able to spread its wings to strengthen them; therefore, he actually stunted the growth and strength to the wings of the butterfly.

What I was helping Ollie realize is that sometimes through personal struggles we grow stronger when we have to persevere; to figure out things ourselves and make it work. Of course, there are times we need assistance and other times we just need the encouragement.

We have all the resources within us… be persistent and never give up.     

May 2017 bless you with the abundance of wonderful things!


To Your Success,

Marla Brucker, DCH, R.HA

Peak Performance Coach

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