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It’s Annual Weight Gain Season…

(This message doesn’t apply to everyone, but for those who can relate, please continue reading. It’s eye-opening.)

Did you know October is the official start of the weight gain season? Yikes!!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings. Scientific studies conducted at Cornell University show that Americans are at the lightest weight of the year at the beginning of October, and from now until January, we add several pounds to our collective mass through extra eating and drinking around the holidays. Weight gain patterns are consistently holiday related.

And, to make matters worse, researchers say that the pounds we pack on in the next ten weeks tend to stick around at least until May, right before swimsuit season.

Here’s food for thought

Most of us rely on our vehicles as our primary mode of transportation, and if it doesn’t sound right or run well, we take it to a mechanic to work on it and put in the right amount and the correct type of oil, fluids, and lubricants so it will run at its most functional level. If they put in the wrong kind or too much of the right type, it will over-surge in the car’s engine, clog the system, and make it run less efficiently.

My question for you is – Do you listen to your body the same way you listen to your vehicle? Probably not. Yet, we rely on our bodies as our mode of transportation 100% of the time. As you know, if you over-surge your body with too much food or the wrong kind, it will slow down your body metabolically, causing weight gain and other mobility and health issues.

There is only one difference between your vehicle and your body – You can trade in your vehicle…

So, here’s an idea: instead of waiting until January and coming up with a New Year’s resolution to drop those extra pounds, why not make a resolution right now to be selective with what you eat and not gain so much weight in the first place? Resolve to minimize the amount of sugary foods and excess indulgences in general from now until the New Year. Be mindful of your healthy eating guidelines and stick to them throughout the holidays. It’s okay to indulge a bit, but not overindulge.

Say no to too much food and the wrong foods. Another fun way of dealing with the thought of indulging in another dessert is to tell yourself that you’re allergic to it – as you break out in fat.  It works!!

Wouldn’t it be cool to hit the New Year with that kind of mindset?

When you know better, you do better. ~ Maya Angelou

To Your Success,

Peak Performance Coach

It’s Annual Weight Gain Season…
It’s Annual Weight Gain Season…
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