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There’s a story of a wise old martial arts master who was having tea with a new student to build the teacher-student relationship.

The student, who had much training from other teachers, was eager and ready to learn from this master. “Teach me how to be a great fighter”, he said. Without saying a word, the wise master reached over with the teapot and began to pour the tea. As the cup filled, the master continued to pour even as the tea began to overflow the sides of the cup. The student panicked and remarked, “It is already full why are you still pouring?” The master responded: “So too is your mind. It is filled with previous knowledge and experiences; you must empty your mind of everything you already know in order to receive new knowledge, or I can’t teach you what you seek.”

We all know how much learning is based on prior knowledge, which we use to further our growth, relationships and connections. But to be fully present and absorb new information, wisdom and understanding, we need to empty our mind to welcome the newness of what is being presented to us and to create space for greater learning.

As we emerge into 2019, remember to take the wisdom from the past and step into this New Year with a mind open to new beginnings.

May your New Year bless you with good health, happiness, and an abundance of good things.

To Your Success,

Peak Performance Coach

Empty The Cup…
Empty The Cup…
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