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Free Yourself From Self-Doubt…

The biggest risk you take in life is not taking one.

Has self-doubt ever stopped you from doing something you’ve longed to do? Does that little voice keep nagging you, perhaps with thoughts that you’re not good enough…? Whether you want to run a marathon, start a business or ask for a promotion, you must stop the voice inside your head that keeps whispering thoughts of self-doubt.

In January 2013, I really wanted to do my first Fire Walk (that’s before I got involved with Tony Robbins’ firewalks.)

After showing up and before giving myself a chance, the soundtrack in my head began to loop and self-doubt kicked in. The What Ifs crept in. “What if…I can’t be successful at this?” “…I fail and burn myself?” I thought, “Who am I to even try to do this?”

It didn’t stop there. The self-doubt monster began taking over and talking me out of it. I got back in the car ready to drive home! There was this battle in my head. I finally listened to the other voice that brought me there in the first place. “If I leave, then I’m defeating myself and I’ll regret it like I’ve done so many other times before.” The battle raged until I finally got out of the car and pushed myself forward.

The experience made me realize that the self-doubt was actually just F.E.A.R: False Emotions (thoughts) Appearing Real.

If self-doubt begins to snuff your dreams and hold you back, STOP it in its tracks! Think about something you wish you’d done before but didn’t. If you still want to do it…Just do it! All it takes is one step at a time.

Eliminate Self-Doubt…and Trust Yourself Again

You didn’t doubt yourself when you started walking as a toddler. You fell many times and perhaps got frustrated or hurt yourself, but that never stopped you from getting up over and over again…So what’s stopping you now?

Use the following tips to fight back the self-doubt monster and reclaim your confidence.

1. Recognize that What You Are Feeling Is Self-Doubt
Self-doubt is filled with limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. We may even hear that nagging voice talking ourselves out of our goals. What may seem like an obstacle is most likely the self-doubt monster rearing its ugly head to justify why you can’t or shouldn’t do something.
Why is it that we’re more likely to accept that we’ve failed without ever having started?

2. Create a Self-Doubt Response System
Self-doubt is only as strong as you allow it to be. If you justify why you can’t do something, you’re giving self-doubt complete control over your emotions, actions, and ultimately your future.
Never let that little voice inside your head stop you from your goals. Next time when it shows up either turn down the volume or shut it off by saying, “Stop,” “Cancel,” “Clear,” “Quiet,” “Erase,” and/or “Delete.”

Follow up with a deep breath and affirm yourself using first-person, present-tense, positive statements. You may need to fake it until you make it.

3. Show Self-Doubt Who’s in Charge
Every time you catch yourself thinking that you can’t do something or that you’re not good enough or smart enough STOP!!! Reframe the negative thoughts by consciously replacing them with what you want, your desired outcome. Repeat your positive thoughts as many times as it takes.

4. Rewire Your Brain
Eventually, your brain will default to positive thinking, turning every “can’t” into an “I can,” “I am,” “I will, now!” Your brain is a highly programmable.

5. Set Your Plans in Motion
Work toward small successes.

6. Create a Positive Mantra (and put it on Repeat)
Be your own cheerleader. The new voice in your head will speak to you differently, giving you a pep talk and telling you to “Go for it. You got this!”

To Your Success,

Marla Brucker

Peak Performance Coach

Free Yourself From Self-Doubt…
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