Never Let Your Actions Be Influenced by Your Fears…

Did you know that public speaking is the #1 fear? It can stem from various insecurities, including speech problems that could have a huge impact on your confidence making you extremely uncomfortable when speaking publicly.

Here are some celebrities who have used hypnosis to overcome their fear of public speaking:

**James Earl Jones has an illustrious career spanning more than six decades as an actor. He has given his voice for iconic characters such as Darth Vader in the “Star Wars” series, and Mufasa from Disney’s “Lion King.”  He has also won critical acclaim for his roles in films and live theater. James Earl Jones had a stuttering problem as a child which he overcame using hypnosis.

**Bruce Willis is best known for playing the leading role in the “Die Hard” movie series, although he has contributed to more than 60 films including “Armageddon,” “12 Monkeys,” “Pulp Fiction,” and “The Sixth Sense.” Bruce Willis had a stuttering problem in his childhood which he overcame using hypnosis.

**Princess Diana, one of the most influential and admired women of her time, contributed relentlessly to charity work, leading campaigns against the use of weapons, inhumane treatment of animals, and becoming the patroness of various charities worldwide. She used hypnosis to overcome issues with confidence and public speaking.

In addition, here are some of the greatest people who have achieved magnificent accomplishments using hypnosis:

**Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud developed modern psychiatry as a result of learning about and practicing hypnosis.

**Winston Churchill, the famous war-time British prime minister, often times would work, plan, and strategize all night. He would listen to hypnotic tapes during the day to help him to stay alert.

**Mozart (1756-91) composed the famous opera “Cosi fan tutte” while hypnotized.

**Albert Einstein, (1879-1955) physicist, was known to go into a self-hypnosis trance daily. His theory of relativity came to him during one of these sessions.

**Jack Nicklaus, championship golfer, used hypnotherapy and visualization techniques to better his focus, concentration, and overall performance.

**Mary Lou Retton at the 1984 Olympics used hypnosis to block pain in her foot and won the Gold Medal for Gymnastics.

**The Chicago White Sox hired a full-time hypnotist in 1983 and ended up making the playoffs.

**Tiger Woods, golf pro, has used hypnosis ever since he was a child. He used a combination of hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and visualization to help him to focus, improve his concentration, and “get into the zone.”

**Jackie Kennedy-Onassis used hypnotherapy to help her overcome the tragedy of the assassination of her late husband, John F. Kennedy.

**Matt Damon, actor, proclaimed his love for hypnosis live on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” stating that “it was the greatest decision I ever made in my life…” He was referring to using hypnosis to stop smoking.

**Ellen DeGeneres underwent hypnosis live on her TV chat show, and used its power to successfully stop smoking.

**Ben Affleck was quoted as saying, “I feel a huge difference in my health now that I don’t smoke. I feel like I’m in better shape than I was five years ago.”

**Kevin Costner had his own private hypnotist flown out to Hawaii (while he was filming “Waterworld”) to help him with sea sickness which was plaguing his filming schedule. Thereafter, he has been fine in the water.

**Reese Witherspoon, actress, used hypnosis to overcome her insecurities. According to The Cambridge Times website, the 38-year-old actress said that years of being told that she was too fat or too short for Hollywood roles had taken their toll on her self-esteem, she turned to hypnosis for a confidence boost before taking on the role of Cheryl Strayed in “Wild.”

These inspiring, influential, and successful people have overcome their fears of public speaking. It goes to show that with hypnosis, not only can you become more comfortable speaking, but you can also learn to thrive under the pressure of the public eye.

Live with passion and a commitment to awaken to your fullest potential.

To Your Success,

Peak Performance Coach

Never Let Your Actions Be Influenced by Your Fears…
Never Let Your Actions Be Influenced by Your Fears…
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