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Don’t Let Unhappy Be Your Happy Place…

Have you ever noticed that a positive attitude is infectious?

Life is full of obstacles and uncontrollable events, and in many situations the only thing we can control is the attitude with which to respond. We create our destiny every single day and most of the difficulties we suffer from are directly traceable to our attitude about those challenges.

It’s up to you to keep making the right choices regarding how you respond to things.  You’ll find that there’s nothing better than feeling like you’re in control. If you’re serious about letting go of stuff such as anger, resentment, anxiety, weight, or making other changes in your life, STOP taking the path of least resistance and get to work by changing your attitude.

Demand more out of life! In other words, start by changing your routines and shake up your life!!! When you change things, you’re rewiring your brain to be happy. Flip that switch and rewrite your script. If you don’t like what you’ve written so far, CHANGE IT!  You’re the creator, writer, producer, director, and performer on your one-person show.

Many people come to me for hypnosis looking for ways to feel happier, and that’s because people tend to hold on to stuff–either situations from the past or even what may be going on in their lives now. How you deal with it is always up to you.

Nelson Mandela was once asked if he had any resentment or anger toward the government that had imprisoned him for 27 years, and especially since he only received a mere apology when released. His response was, “Anger and resentment held within is as if I’m swallowing poison in hope that it will hurt them.” Think about it–it’s not hurting them; it’s only hurting you.

I have one regret that I want to share with you. A year after Nelson Mandela became a free man again I happened to be in downtown La Jolla, California where I was drawn into a shop I had never been into before. Walking around, I noticed many framed etchings on the walls, some in simple pastels and some in pencil. They didn’t look like drawings I would normally have seen in a gallery, but for some reason I was attracted to them. It was then that I noticed the signature and read the post about the artist, the person…

The drawings were from Nelson Mandela, depicting his life while incarcerated. I was surprised to see that none of his etchings depicted any anger. On each picture he had written an uplifting message even though he was locked away. My regret was I didn’t buy one of his drawings, as they were for sale. I thought too long, and three weeks later I went back to that store and the exhibit was gone.

That is when I learned to seize the moment. Take action, and start today!

To Your Success,

Peak Performance Coach

Don’t Let Unhappy Be Your Happy Place…
Don’t Let Unhappy Be Your Happy Place…
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