By Changing Your Story You Change Your Life…

“The only thing that’s keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself.” ~Tony Robbins

“Hey everyone, my name is Donald.

I want to share two major events that impacted my life…

In middle school I was diagnosed with Autism. Unfortunately with the diagnosis I started being treated differently, seen as lesser by other people. My teachers, peers, even family members who loved me dearly started seeing me for my new label. I hadn’t changed, but I had changed in the eyes of everyone else, seen by the simple descriptions of some diagnostic criteria.

Very often as a kid I was reminded about what I couldn’t do versus what I could do. I was seen for my ‘limitations’, even ones that didn’t exist for me, over my gifts and my strengths.

The other and most significant major event changed my life around and had empowered me in ways beyond words…

In 2015 I attended a Tony Robbins’s event Unleash the Power Within (UPW). This event helped me see that I had the opportunity to change the story I was currently living with and to create a more empowering one. After attending UPW, I felt a bit like Truman from “The Truman Show”, having this suspicious feeling there was far more to my life than the one I was currently living. UPW set me off on a journey of personal development, and it has been ongoing ever since!

Since attending UPW…
✔ I’ve quit drinking soda, started eating more whole foods and vegetables, started exercising, and to-date I’ve lost over 80 pounds!
✔ I’ve served as part of Tony’s Crew for 6 UPW events since 2016 and made many lifelong friends!
✔ I’ve continued stepping outside my comfort zone, I’ve decided to build a business, and I’m so much more aware of the confidence I have in my abilities and potentials to positively impact the world! Let me add: We ALL Do!

This March I will be a part of Tony’s crew team for the 7th time; I along with 500+ crew members from all over the world will be volunteering to help others realize their potential and experience life-changing transformations.”

I met Donald as a crew member, and he is truly an inspiration.
Whatever path you take in discovering your truth and stepping into your personal power, go with an open mind, and play full out. If you do that then I can promise that you too will Unleash the Power Within as you become ONE with your journey of magnificence…

“The most beautiful gift you can give to someone else is to awaken them to who they truly are.” ~ Frank Oliva

To Your Success,

Peak Performance Coach

By Changing Your Story You Change Your Life…
By Changing Your Story You Change Your Life…
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