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Releasing Invisible Barriers…

People, just like goldfish are sometimes limited by invisible barriers?

For those that have had goldfish, the average bowl size is anywhere between 8-10 inches. Did you know that if you emptied the goldfish into a large pond, they will only swim in a small circle no bigger than the radius of the fishbowl they once lived in? Goldfish are limited by invisible barriers.

In many ways, we humans are like goldfish.  We develop our patterns, habits and our lifestyles which we have learned from family, friends and society.  We all have the opportunity to go beyond those limitations and discover new and freer dimensions; yet all too often, we remain in our tiny corner of the world, though it might only be offering little to no joy, a lot of anxiety, and no expansiveness.

If you moved the goldfish in one direction and then another, the old (limiting) patterns begin to break down and the fish start to expand their swimming radius; and begin to grow. Surprisingly, those small goldfish you once had in a small bowl can grow up to 10 inches!

To really be free is to find out what your set patterns are and then break them. We are all free spirits and not bound to anything but our own limiting beliefs. We need to consider whether it is life that is holding us back or ourselves.

Our upcoming training in Ericksonian Hypnosis will help you move beyond those limiting beliefs into realizing your greatness as you expand into the world. I hope you’ll join us.

Make kindness a habit.

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Releasing Invisible Barriers…
Releasing Invisible Barriers…
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