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GPS of Life’s Navigation…

If change is going to happen someday, what do you do to make it happen now?

Are you like many of us that binged on Netflix during the pandemic?  Was one of your binges The Queen’s Gambit? Although it was only a story, we were captivated by her struggles and wins. The game of chess goes way beyond that; it relates to life.

Strategy and focus are the key components of chess, and without that, the game is based on luck alone. No one wins the game of chess by only moving forward, and sometimes we too need to navigate differently and move backwards to put ourselves in a position to win. If you’re not taking action in your own life, you’re letting opportunities pass you by.

Re-Strategize Your Next Move

Sometimes, when it feels like you’re running into one dead end after another, it’s actually a sign that you’re not on the right path, it’s only an obstacle. This is when it’s important to listen to the voice of your inner GPS and re-navigate, reassess, and redirect the moves you’re making that may turn your life around.

Small Moves Make a Big Impact

Life is a game of moves. Taking small precise steps is what makes the game of chess so much fun. Dwelling on a move that another player makes, or a decision of another person, is often not a good option. It’s about you. Strategize your next move.

Success rides on precise choices. It’s the small things done consistently over a long period of time that are life-changing. A person that goes to the gym for an hour a day is spending 7 out of their 168 hours a week exercising. Although this is a small amount of time or small steps, that effort will lead to more muscle mass, better health, and maybe even greater longevity.

Don’t Get Stuck in Regret

Chess, much like life, consists of a limited number of moves. You need to make good use of these moves, but when you make mistakes (everyone does) it’s important to let go, come up with a new strategy, and re-navigate.

All progress comes from breaking patterns…make it happen.

Make kindness a habit.


To Your Success,

Peak Performance Coach

GPS of Life’s Navigation…
GPS of Life’s Navigation…
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