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How Can Training in Integrative Hypnotherapy Enable You to Improve the Lives of Others?

Hypnotherapy is a form of alternate therapy in which hypnosis (i.e., focused attention, guided relaxation, and intense concentration) is used so that a heightened state of awareness, known as a “trance” can be achieved. This alternative therapy is widely promoted as a treatment for breaking particular habits and as a treatment for a variety of long-term conditions. This type of alternate therapy tends to have an effect on many people and has been proven to improve the way of life of many of its users.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Usually, it is regarded as an aid to psychotherapy (i.e., counseling or therapy) since painful feelings, memories, and thoughts that might have been hidden from the conscious mind can be explored in the hypnotic state. Additionally, perceiving things differently also become possible. For instance, an awareness of pain can be blocked through hypnosis. It is possible to use this type of alternate therapy in two ways: for patient analysis or as suggestion therapy.

Patient Analysis:  In this approach the relaxed state is used to look for the root cause of a issue or symptom; for example, a traumatic event of the past that has been hidden by the unconscious memory. After revealing the trauma, it becomes possible to address it in hypnotherapy. The sessions often require a lot of patience from the hypnotherapist just to get information from the client.

Suggestion Therapy: In a hypnotic state it becomes easier to get a person to respond to suggestions. Therefore, with the help of hypnosis it becomes possible to provide suggestions to people to change particular habits, such as stopping nail biting or smoking. With the use of hypnotherapy,  perceptions and sensations can also be changed, and it can also be used to treat pain, anxiety, negativity, and limiting beliefs. It also involves suggesting safe and effective things for the client to do or change.

Can Hypnotherapy be Combined with Energy Healing?

Indeed, combining it with energy healing can aid in providing peace and relaxation at a much deeper level. Energy healing is another method of getting the body to heal in a gentle way. It is a form of psychophysical therapy that works on the body’s bio-energetic field.  Areas such as the promotion of mental and physical healing, release of emotional blockages and traumas, and restoration of vitality are covered by this treatment.

Hypnotherapy, energy psychology, and other such natural healing therapies are very effective and are part of the core curriculum at the Motivational Institute of Hypnotherapy. These modalities can help improve confidence and self-esteem, and transform patterns by healing on the energetic and subconscious levels.

Even you can make use of such natural healing therapies and expand the powers of your mind to improve your life and the lives of others by undergoing training in Integrative Hypnotherapy. There are no shortcuts to hard work, but with sincere dedication this journey is well worth the effort.

To Your Success,

Marla Brucker, DCH. R.HA

How Can Training in Integrative Hypnotherapy Enable You to Improve the Lives of Others?
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