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Change Isn’t Hard… It’s the Fear of Change That Really Stops Us

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

~Wayne Dyer

In my hypnotherapy practice I coach my clients to create their future by moving toward their goals and looking forward to what’s ahead in their lives. Yet there are so many people who hold on to their past so tightly that it’s almost impossible for them to look ahead without first putting the past in front of them.

It reminds me of a child putting his hand into a candy jar trying to grab on to as much candy as he can, but then there’s a problem. By clutching on to the candy, his fist has become bigger than the opening of the jar when he first put his hand in—then he struggles with the concept of releasing it. Many people do the same thing in their own lives, and they just can’t let go. They blame their past for the lives they are living in the now. And unfortunately, their past tends to dictate their future.

The basic concept is to let go and take what we can from the experience, learn from all the adversities, and then move on. I often wonder why we tend to remember the not-so-good experiences verses the good…and just how does that serve us?

Some of you may have heard of Peter J. Daniels who is an author, life coach, and professional speaker. It wasn’t easy for him growing up. When he was in the fourth grade, his teacher constantly told him that he’s ‘no good, a bad apple, and would never amount to anything.’ Peter was totally illiterate until he was 26. That was when a friend stayed up with him all night and read him a copy of “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

Peter decided he wanted to transform himself and his life by no longer owning those old limiting beliefs. Now he owns the street corners he used to fight on, and has also written and published 13 books, including “How to Reach Your Life Goals” and “How to be Happy.” If Peter held on to the old beliefs that were drummed into his head by his fourth grade teacher, he would not have gifted us with his great writings and motivational messages.

We can’t change what was, but we can change what is. Give yourself a gift by taking the wisdom from the past and applying it to the now as you create your future.

Letting go, isn’t only about having the courage to release the past; it’s about having the wisdom and strength to embrace the present.

To Your Success,

Peak Performance Coach

Change Isn’t Hard… It’s the Fear of Change That Really Stops Us
Change Isn’t Hard… It’s the Fear of Change That Really Stops Us
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