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We often remember past events, good or bad, with what seems to be impeccable accuracy. Whether or not they are entirely accurate is actually beside the point, the really important thing is the emotion that comes along with that memory. The emotion is really what brings us back our first passionate kiss, the first time you see your child or an amazing success in your professional life.

There is also another side to this crazy thing we call memory. Sometimes memories can bring us back emotionally to our first heart break, getting ripped off, or even the ever-frustrating process of calling customer service hotlines.

The good news is that when it we can actually change how we respond emotionally to intense memories by doing a bit of brain training. What would it be like if you could “turn the volume down” on some of those emotions, or better yet, just turn it off altogether? The ‘Theatre of Change’ is about just that. By learning how to dissociate ourselves and distance ourselves from the intense emotions that often accompany negative memories, we can change how we remember those events.

It’s not always important how accurately we remember experiences because our memories are inherently flawed anyways, but rather the emotional response that we have to those memories. The ‘Theatre of Change’ is about going through some of the “movies” that play in your mind and choosing how you want to direct them. Would you like everyone wearing bunny rabbit ears? Wild and crazy 80’s style hair? Done. After all, it’s YOUR memory. The idea is to find a mental “movie” and make it so ridiculous that you can actually laugh at the idea of it. For a more in-depth example, check out this short video and be sure to HAVE SOME FUN with it!

Your Theatre of Change
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