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Which Inner Voice Do You Listen To?

How many of you have ever debated within yourself and ended up not listening to your intuition but wished you had?

I’m reminded of an episode of the Flintstones where Fred battled between the inner voice of his Angel and Devil. This story also depicts the emotional battle we have within ourselves when we don’t listen to our truth and intuition.

It was Fred and Wilma’s anniversary; Wilma reminded Fred to come home early from work as she was making him a special anniversary dinner of a huge Brontosaurus steak. Throughout the morning, you see Fred working on his Dinosaur crane, visualizing a romantic evening with Wilma, and him devouring the Brontosaurus steak…But then Barney (his best buddy) interrupts his thought process by inviting him to the lodge that evening for a bowling tournament. Fred excitedly say yes, shifting his mindset, visualizing himself bowling and scoring big. 

Suddenly Fred’s Angel pops up, telling him he needs to be home early for his anniversary dinner. Once again, Fred pictures Wilma and the candle-lit dinner with him gobbling his meal. But then the Devil pops up again, creating another visual image of Fred winning a trophy!  

This battle continues until the Devil says, “Hey Fred, you can do both, just bowl a couple of rounds and then go home to celebrate with Wilma afterward. So what if you’re a little bit late.” The Angel warns him not to go, but Fred concedes and goes bowling anyway, thinking he can do both, creating a win/win situation.

What ended up happening, though, was Fred lost out on both accounts. Fred bowled terribly, and after two rounds, rushed home only to find Wilma angry with him for being late, and the Brontosaurus steak that he had been thinking about all day was burnt to a crisp…

Ask yourself this question, “Which inner voice do you most listen to?”

Remember to take the time to pause, to listen within, and trust your higher self, your voice of intuition.

“Only one person can be in charge of your joy and happiness, and that’s you.”
~Lisa Nichols


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Which Inner Voice Do You Listen To?
Which Inner Voice Do You Listen To?
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