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Take Your Past Out of Your Future…

“I don’t live in my past, but my past live in me.” ~ Sol Fineblum

You’re not your old story! Never allow the pain of your past to speak louder than the promise of your future.

Your brain doesn’t know the difference of what happened yesterday or twenty years ago. Be aware of the stories you keep telling yourself. Dwelling on past situations recreates the same negative, unsettling energy in your body in the current moment. Just thinking about it wells up the same emotions, fears, or stresses as before, when in reality, nothing is there.

You’re giving your power away if you view life from the constraints of your past. The past doesn’t have to reside in your future unless you choose to let it live in you. Start a new story of your life by releasing the old.

In the present moment, we may experience some of the same emotions of hurt, anger, sadness, frustration, disappointment, regret, etc. Notice these emotions, watch them closely, as they are often triggered based on the stories you keep telling yourself about what took place in the past. Realize what happened then is not happening to you right now. It’s over! The emotion may still occur due to the stories you tell yourself.  Improve your life now, take your past out of your future.

Step out of your history and into your destiny…Start turning the pages that need to be turned. 

I can tell you from my life experiences that almost everything has helped me grow. Even painful experiences have taught me critical lessons I didn’t think I needed to know. No book has just one chapter. No chapter tells the whole story. No hardship defines who we are. So, keep turning the pages of your old story that need to be turned to create the life you want for yourself.

From now on, you can choose a life story that supports you. Let it be proof of your resilience and creativity. Be kind with the roles you give yourself and generous with how many chances you get to learn what you need to know. When you remember that you are the author of your own story, you are free to create a masterpiece.

Life is like a kaleidoscope – a small shift can change the picture (and your world) entirely.

Burn the ship when you get to the new world, so you can never return.

Make kindness a habit.

To Your Success,

Peak Performance Coach

Take Your Past Out of Your Future…
Take Your Past Out of Your Future…
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