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Be the Full Expression of Your Authentic Self…

“Man’s mind, stretched to a new idea, never goes back to its original dimension.”

~Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894)

I am always impressed by the qualities and characteristics of successful people. We’ve all heard the phrase “If you want to get the results that a winner gets, you must first think the way a winner thinks.”

For that to happen, you must first realize your unique gifts. In the following paragraphs Walter Doyle Stables so eloquently helps you realize your special qualities in his book “Think Like a Winner.”

“Your particular footprints have never walked on this earth before you. Nor will another voice sing your encouragements and praise to others with the particular sound and characteristics of the voice you possess. All of the contributions you have made are unique as well…the things you have said, the acts you have performed, and the people you have touched. Know that you have made an impact on the world as those you have touched with your uniqueness are touching others, creating a beautiful rippling effect with your special gifts.”

“It remains for you to dream what you dare to dream, do what you dare to do, and be what you dare to be. It is through your thoughts and intentions that you can continue to enrich your life and control your destiny. You can rise to any height and find peace, happiness, and unlimited power within you. You can become all that you want and deserve to be. Ultimately, it all depends on your particular manner of thinking. Now that you know how to think like a winner, remember to reward yourself with all the wonderful things you deserve, for you are a winner. It is a journey like no other you can hope to have.”

I, as your fellow traveler, wish you well on your quest into continued growth and self-discovery. Remember to always be the full expression of who you already are!

To Your Success,

Peak Performance Coach

Be the Full Expression of Your Authentic Self…
Be the Full Expression of Your Authentic Self…
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