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The Lotus Flower…Symbol of Growth

Through adversities our greatest gifts of growth and opportunities are discovered…

The lotus flower is one of the most stunning and ancient flowers, representing the deepest symbol for growth on our planet. It grows in muddy, murky waters sucking in nutrients while using that mud as fuel to grow and nourish itself. The flower then rises above the muddy waters to bloom into one of the most beautiful flowers. It grows upward in the direction of the light to blossom with remarkable splendor.

I’m fascinated with the lotus flower and how it closely represents our own lives.

We are all like that beautiful flower…in order for us to fully grow and gain wisdom from our own life experiences, we must ascend from all obstacles, adversities and attachments that we’ve been holding onto.

The evolution of the lotus flower, having its roots in the mud, is a metaphor for our own lives. We too can use the mud and muck as “nutrients” to grow and shine into the fullest expression of ourselves, radiating that out into the world.

The lotus flower displays its grace by opening its petals one by one. It is also a symbol of letting go as drops of water easily slide off its petals, allowing it to continue to flourish and show its beauty.

We’re all destined for big things if we allow ourselves to grow. Wherever you are along your journey, know that there is SO much more waiting for you as you step into the essence of your beauty that shines from within.

In the midst of movement and chaos, remember the stillness inside of you.

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The Lotus Flower…Symbol of Growth
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