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Trapped in the Isolation of Our Mind…

“There is a story behind every person. There is a reason they are the way they are.  Respect them for who they are.”  ~Marc and Angel

Like many fairy tales, there are underlying messages within the story; and that too is true about the tale of Rapunzel which has a deeper meaning about one’s self-image.  Rapunzel was a young lady who lived locked up in a castle imprisoned by an old witch who continually tells her how ugly she is. One day a handsome prince passes by the tower and tells Rapunzel of her loveliness. Being insecure about her looks and after hesitating for a time, she finally let down her long golden locks so the prince could climb her hair to visit her.

Trapped in isolation for so long, it was neither the castle nor the witch that had kept her a prisoner, but the belief in her own ugliness. When she recognized her beauty reflected in the face of her prince charming, she was able to set herself free.

We all need to be aware of the ‘witch’ inside ourselves that has been stopping us from breaking free.

Our subconscious behaviors and programming are intertwined with our self-image.  When we have negative or limiting self-talk, we tend to take it out on ourselves. This may take the form of junk food binges, smoking, accidents, illness, overindulgences in alcohol or drugs, etc. This is not something that is necessarily a conscious act, although the first step is to realize that how we treat ourselves is a reflection of how much we like ourselves at any given time.

It is essential that we stay focused on positive thinking to be happy. A bad self-image can lead to subconscious sabotaging of one’s own happiness; that’s what caused Rapunzel to remain imprisoned until she was ready to set herself free from the witch within.

Change is oftentimes difficult, but hypnosis can help liberate oneself. The hardest part of the journey to one’s magnificence is believing that you are worthy.   

Remember to be the fullest expression of You…Happiness.

To Your Success,

Peak Performance Coach

Trapped in the Isolation of Our Mind…
Trapped in the Isolation of Our Mind…
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