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Hypnosis or Coaching…What’s the Difference?

There are many good, hard-working, and talented people who are not experiencing the success they deserve; they feel stuck. They seem to be challenged with creating the best that’s within them, or they just didn’t know where to look. They have good intentions, but somewhere along the way they got discouraged and gave up on themselves. They let their dreams slip away…Does that sound like you or someone you know?

Have you noticed that professional athletes never go without a coach, and yet few people have coaches for the game of life. Coaches challenge and motivate the players.  A good coach will help the athlete develop a game plan and create accountability for following that plan.

As hypnotherapist coaches we can help people discover, develop, and fulfill their dreams.  We assist you with becoming clear about your values and life purpose by defining and articulating what you really want from all areas of your life, and then by encouraging and guiding you to consistently act on your objectives to live a successful and fulfilling life.  Working with a hypnotherapist requires deep thinking and honest soul-searching. It demands constant focus and attention with a desire to successfully be one with your dreams.

We all need a game plan for a balanced, value-driven life.  I believe that happiness is a result of continually striving towards worthwhile objectives while also enjoying and appreciating being in the moment.  Are you creating your dreams, and living them successfully?

If you practice the habit of success, you’ll make success a habit.

You are the composer of your life!   Set the stage.  You are the writer, director, producer, and the actor of your own show.  You affect everything and everyone you encounter; it is your life. As your own critic, how would you rate your play?

My passion is about human potential.  As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Peak Performance Coach, I support you in your transformational growth to consistently create excellence and to participate in the development and realization of your dreams…and become more of who you are in the process.

Make sure you put yourself on that list of excellence.  Begin each moment with gratitude.

Behold the turtle; he only makes progress when he sticks out his neck…


To Your Success,

Marla Brucker, DCH, R.HA

Hypnosis or Coaching…What’s the Difference?
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