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The mind is extremely suggestible and is being bombarded daily with external suggestive stimuli from numerous sources, as well as suggestive thoughts and ideas from inside our mind. These self-hypnotic suggestions you give yourself daily are like a soundtrack re-running in your head; some of which are good, and others are not.

Suffering is oftentimes the consequence of “negative” thoughts and impulses invading one’s mind from the recesses of the subconscious.  Unfortunately, past experiences, guilt, negative thoughts, and beliefs are constantly pushing themselves into one’s awareness, directly, or in a disguised form. These thoughts become feelings which can sabotage one’s happiness, health, and well-being. By the time one has reached adulthood, there has been a build-up of negative thinking and feelings that persists in the form of unconstructive or non-serving habits and behaviors that seem hard to break or change.

Through the use of hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), the language of the mind, we are able to transform negative thinking and attitudes into positive ones. It takes time to extinguish old limiting thought patterns so it’s important to have patience, especially if you do not notice an immediate effect. Even when there are no apparent changes on the surface, much is happening on the inside.

An analogy is:

When you plant a flower seed, you need to nurture it so it can grow. The seed first begins to sprout and root itself deep within the soil before it appears on the surface. We may forget that we had planted the seed due to distractions or impatience especially since we haven’t noticed the changes, yet, once the seed begins to show visual signs of growth, then and only then do we notice the change. During this period while nothing seemingly has happened, changes were occurring. The seed had rooted itself at a deep level only to show its form and beauty when it flourishes into its splendor.

Had the process been stopped, or impatience took over, we would be tempted to see the progression as a failure.  Hypnotic and NLP suggestions are the seeds; one must keep nurturing them before they begin to fully influence new productive patterns and behaviors…and then you will notice significant change.

Start today, Expand Your Mind’s Power, making happiness a habit.

To Your Success,

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Hypnotic Suggestions…
Hypnotic Suggestions…
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