Turn Difficulties Into Pearls

Have you ever wondered how an oyster creates a pearl?  First a grain of sand falls into it, subsequently it becomes an irritant; the oyster then secretes a special substance that envelops the irritating grain of sand, which then becomes smooth, iridescent, and polished. This is proof that in the natural world, there are built-in remedies for the irritations of life.

Now the real question we all need to ask ourselves is how we can turn irritants and problems into pearls? You need to start by bringing the power of wisdom, acceptance, love and understanding to the difficulties of life, which helps us see through adversities the gifts that presented to us.

In the Wise Mind book, there’s a story about a woman coming out of her shell.  This woman kept on having difficulties with relationships, therefore she asked her Wise Mind to show her what was interfering or in her way. When she closed her eyes and saw a seashell, realized then what was blocking her.  Her Wise Mind told her,Look closely. You’re in that shell.”  The woman thought to herself that it felt peaceful in there, but her Wise Mind had more to say to her, “You have to come out of your shell now. Become an ocean, as there’s a pearl in there that’s you!”

She needed to come out of her shell!!  She saw it and she felt it, and realized what was blocking her. As she began to explore the pearl, she knew the direction in which she wanted to go. Her Wise Mind had spoken to her in a visual metaphor. Not only was she shown the way out, but she was also given the wisdom of the steps to take into the expansion of her world.

Through life’s adversities, if we take the wisdom and knowledge from each experience, any irritant and problem can be turned into a beautiful pearl. Not every pearl is symmetrically rounded and some freshwater pearls are shaped differently, yet they’re all unique and beautiful stemming from a single irritant.  It’s important for us to be open for self growth and realization.  Through the patience of polishing and shining; the wisdom of acceptance, love and understanding emerges as the true essence of our inner power.

To your success,

Marla Brucker

Turn Difficulties Into Pearls
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