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Put Yourself on Your List of Priorities…

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about taking the time to dance in the rain.  

We are a culture of multi-taskers, always rushing around to get things done, often forgetting to notice the beauty of what’s evolving right in front of us.

While observing a butterfly working its way out of its cocoon, a man watched as the butterfly’s legs worked at tearing a hole in the cocoon’s silk. As he continued to watch, he noticed its wings began to spread, forming a bigger opening in the silk. After a few minutes, the butterfly would stop to rest, and then it would start up again, tearing the cocoon even more. The man, wanting to help speed up the (natural) process of the butterfly’s development, decided to cut open the cocoon’s silk, and the butterfly landed on the earth below. Again, the butterfly rested. After a while, it got up and began to walk. The man eagerly waited in anticipation to see the butterfly spread its wings and soar, but unfortunately, it could not fly.

In his haste to help, the man didn’t realize that he hindered the butterfly’s development. The purpose of the butterfly spreading its wings to open the cocoon brings blood to the wings to strengthen them for flight. But because of the man’s impatience, and along with his eagerness to help, he interfered with the butterfly’s natural process of emergence.

Just like the man, the same occurs happens to us. We tend to rush through things in life, forgetting to be patient and appreciate the moments. We may become overwhelmed with too much work or responsibilities, hastily trying to get it all done. We often fail to pause and assess where we are going in life, thereby missing out on what we really want to do, which interferes with the journey we desire.

What are your priorities? Have you ever wanted to do something different; like travel, take up a new hobby, learn something new, but you had put that off because there were too many other things you needed to do?

For those of you who have wanted to learn hypnosis for your personal benefit or to help others, now is the time to change the focus to do something you’ve always wanted to do. I had a student that wanted to learn hypnosis and finally committed herself after nine years of putting herself last on her priority list. What about you?

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Put Yourself on Your List of Priorities…
Put Yourself on Your List of Priorities…
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