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What Are the Stories You Tell Yourself?

Satchel Paige (MBA pitcher and inductee into the National Baseball Hall of Fame) once asked this question, “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?”

I have often wondered why some children are more cautious while others are more adventurists, and why some are more inquisitive while others are more inward learners and seekers. (This question can also be applied to adults.)

Have you ever wondered what a young child is experiencing when they are exploring and discovering new things in their world? (This too can be applied to adults.)

The other day while playing at a crowded playground with my 27-month-old grandson Ollie, I watched in awe at all the children expressing themselves through fun exploration, laughter, and play. I observed Ollie as he attempted to climb a rope apparatus but soon stopped. When I asked him why he wasn’t climbing anymore, he said (his words), “I wait first, they get off, I climb after.” (I sensed that he wanted the others to complete their climb before moving forward so he could feel more secure and confident with his footing.) As he waited, we observed an 11-year-old boy scramble up the rope without any hesitation. Following him was his mom who was awkwardly cautious in her attempt to climb it. We made eye contact and smiled knowing what we were both thinking, “How could this happen to us? Why are we suddenly more cautious?”

We both commented about the cycle of life, and how our mind tricks us into believing that we’re not as capable in handling certain situations, or causes us to feel unsteady and hesitate in venturing out with the confidence we once had.

The mom and I came to the conclusion that we are the ones who hold ourselves back from the freedom to discover new things and truly have fun just like children at play.

When did this all change…and how can we stop these types of changes and limiting thoughts from continuing to happen?

I wonder what takes place in our brains causing uncertainty. What are the stories we tell ourselves that may hold us back from feeling secure?

Everyone experiences their world though the eyes of their mind.

Our next training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, beginning on May 21, focuses on the language of the mind and how to create empowering stories that will assist you in your journey of greatness.

When I ask my grandson what he did at preschool, he always responds with “I play.” It is beautiful watching young children as they learn through the shear enjoyment and freedom of play. When did you last play?

To Your Success,

Peak Performance Coach

What Are the Stories You Tell Yourself?
What Are the Stories You Tell Yourself?
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