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You Are Not Your Thoughts; They’re Made Up Anyway…

Have you ever watched a seagull attack an owl figurine perched on top of a building?

The purpose of these owls is to ward off pigeons since they are afraid of owls. But what about other birds – why aren’t they afraid?

A friend shared her observation while watching a seagull’s action while confronting an owl on top of a building. Fascinated by its aggression toward the (inanimate) owl, the seagull kept approaching the owl from many angles—backing off, and then seemingly wanting to attack again. Yet all along the owl just sat there perched without being ruffled.

Eventually, the seagull flew away; most likely because it realized that its aggression was not serving a purpose. Obviously whatever was going on in the seagull’s mind was all made up, as he was picking a fight within himself.

It reminds me of the stories that we formulate in our own minds. We, as human beings, create opinions and attitudes that are derived from fears, self-doubt, and skewed perceptions which can manifest and display themselves in our actions and reactions.

How many times have we picked a fight in our mind based on hypothetical reasoning? Those stories often become so real that we may even act aggressively toward others (just like the seagull) based on personal perception created by our self-talk and imagination.

Fortunately, for the ‘unresponsive’ owl, the seagull gave up on what was made up in its mind in the first place.

Just like the seagull, we too have to learn how to get out of our own way and just let go.

“Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be.”

~Grandma Moses


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You Are Not Your Thoughts; They’re Made Up Anyway…
You Are Not Your Thoughts; They’re Made Up Anyway…

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