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We Are Living in 2020 Hindsight…

We need to let go of who we used to be to become the person we want to be.

How many of you were looking forward to this new decade of 2020? It was an exciting opportunity to reset and reinvent ourselves. Even though many of us were already happy and content with our lives, it seemed like we were still quite busy doing the usual rushing around and multitasking.

For some of us, relationships were pushed aside so that we could do everything else…and it all seemed okay. But we didn’t realize what we were missing until everything seemed to have suddenly stopped and our lives were put on pause.

In retrospect do you wish you had slowed down and appreciated the simpler things in life? Now that we’re almost mid-way into the year 2020, this is an opportune time to choose a less hurried life.

We are only able to fully understand events or situations after they occur. It then seems obvious when we look back on what has already happened. We finally see it clearly. Reflection provides us with both insight and understanding, and an opportunity to change…That’s why we say hindsight’s 20/20, which can be viewed as a metaphor for this new decade 2020.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How are you re-patterning your life now?
  • Are you taking time on your walks to stop and smell the roses?
  • Are you appreciating your family and friends more?
  • Do you take time to enjoy being in the moment of stillness?

If you find yourself struggling, change your mindset and become a friend with your inner voice. Talk to yourself with kindness, as the words we speak give us power. It’s the tone of our lives; therefore, make sure your tone matches the results you want.

Make time for quiet reflection and allow your mind to rest. Embrace silence. It is then that we can truly hear the voice in our heart; sometimes the sweetest sound of all.

Change is happening…Keep moving forward, even if it takes a while for you to find your stride.

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” ~ Joseph Campbell

To Your Success,

Peak Performance Coach

We Are Living in 2020 Hindsight…
We Are Living in 2020 Hindsight…
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