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Be the Best Version of Yourself… Changing Your Perspective Changes Your Life

“When you hold on to your history, you do it at the expense of your destiny.”
-TD Jakes

When did you last look into your “magical” mirror to see yourself the way that others truly see you?  You’ll be surprised when you realize that the person reflecting back at you is truly amazing.

If you’re like most people, we just focus on our flaws and that’s all we see reflecting back to us. If only we could see and appreciated ourselves the way others do.

Your thoughts are the results of your beliefs; therefore, any limiting belief you have about yourself will only interfere with your life’s journey. You need to change those stories to create new beginnings.


“You are who you’ve been looking for.” (Great poem by Adam Roa)


Stop looking for more outside of yourself, unless you look into the mirror and truly see who you’re looking for. You ARE enough−now become even a better version of that!

Ninety-nine percent of the time the only thing standing between you and your goals are the stories you keep telling yourself about why you can’t achieve them.

Life changes every single day and so can you. Yet oftentimes we feel stuck against our will because change can breed uncertainty, and self-doubt begins to creep in along with the old stories. We then begin filling our thoughts with those made-up stories about how life is and why we can’t achieve what we want.


What stories do you tell yourself?

Do they involve you being the confident hero of your story, or a character that doesn’t believe you’re good enough and therefore you’re reluctant to even try? If you’re thinking the latter, you’re not alone.

Why is it that some of the stories we tell ourselves about our desires and goals tend to follow along these same unfavorable lines? And as soon as the going gets slightly tough, we begin to back peddle and then fall back into our old ways…

Think about a story you started telling yourself the minute you realized you weren’t making progress as fast as you expected. This is quite significant since the story you tell yourself in your head is often the one that gets written in your reality. We empower what we think about the most.


Change the story you’re telling yourself, and be the hero of your new story.

Remember: it takes time, patience, and commitment when it comes to making significant changes along your personal journey. Changes happen when you tell yourself the right story; the one with an unmistakable hero, played by YOU.

You CAN start over again! No one wins a game of chess by only moving forward; sometimes you have to move backward to put yourself in a position to win.

There will always be things we aren’t able to notice, as they are in our blind spot. Your “magical” mirror will help you see those blind spots. Seek out a coach, a mentor, and even a hypnotherapist to help you see with a better perspective and put you on the path of greatness. Your mirror is a valuable tool that reflects that hero back to you.

Achieve what you think is impossible by changing your beliefs into that which is possible. 

May 2018 be filled with the abundance of all wonderful things!

To Your Success,

Peak Performance Coach

Be the Best Version of Yourself… Changing Your Perspective Changes Your Life
Be the Best Version of Yourself… Changing Your Perspective Changes Your Life
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