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Owning Your Personal Power…

“The tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live.” ~ Norman Cousins

The positive attitude one takes toward life’s challenges and opportunities, both large and small, enables a person to endure suffering and disappointment as well as enhance enjoyment and satisfaction.

In his book “Man’s Search for Meaning”, Viktor E. Frankl spoke about how he retained the freedom to choose how to respond to his suffering while in the encampments during the Holocaust. He saw this not merely as an option but as his responsibility to choose the way in which to bear his misery.

Frankl’s optimism, along with his persistent focus on affirmations and his exuberance about life, led him to uphold the belief that hope and positive energy can turn challenges and sufferings into triumphs.

Norman Cousins, a world peace advocate and journalist; devoted much of his later years to research and writings regarding illness and healing. He advocated owning one’s personal power and the value of positive emotions in promoting health and wellness. He warned that negative emotions may bring on illness. His research in psycho-neuroimmunology had supported the ways in which positive emotions, expectations, and attitudes enhance our immune system.

By owning your personal power you engage in the dance of life without it having to be choreographed. You have the inner strength that comes from knowing you already have the resources needed to handle whatever comes your way.

This research reinforced Frankl’s belief that one’s approach to everything from life-threatening challenges to everyday situations helps to shape the meaning of our lives.

It is we ourselves who must answer the questions that life asks of us, and to these questions, we can respond only by being responsible for our existence.” ~ Viktor E. Frankl

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Owning Your Personal Power…
Owning Your Personal Power…
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