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The Power of Our Past

How many of you go through life in hopes for a better past? Well, you’re not alone.

Our mind stores information and memories based on the reality of our world at the time the memories occur. Information is stored differently from what actually took place. We delete, change and distort information based on our values and perceptions at the time of the event.

There is no problem without a gift in its hands…Our past brought us here to where we are today; therefore it’s important for us to honor each person, experience and situation that was a part of our lives. The past are our blueprints of memories stored unconsciously in our mind. By gleaning the wisdom from the past and bringing it forward into the present, we can enhance the quality of our lives as we make new memories.

People who are happy tend to store negative memories in black and white, or behind them so far gone that they can barely recall them. They store good times in color, surrounding themselves with the emotions of that experience with loving positive sounds and feelings.

Our greatest power lies in taking action and changing what we can as we live for today. Happiness is an inside job. It’s up to us to frame everything into opportunities…

“You can’t control the cards you are dealt in life…but you can control how you play them.”

To Your Success,

Peak Performance Coach

The Power of Our Past
The Power of Our Past
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