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GPS of Life’s Navigation…

If change is going to happen someday, what do you do to make it happen now? Are you like many of us that binged on Netflix during the pandemic?  Was one of your binges The Queen’s Gambit? Although it was only a story, we were[…]

Save a Tree…

We observe Earth Day once a year in April, although imagine what our earth would be like if we observed it daily. Let’s start with saving a tree. Trees provide us with many valuable resources which are often overlooked. Most[…]

The Power of Our Past

How many of you go through life in hopes for a better past? Well, you’re not alone. Our mind stores information and memories based on the reality of our world at the time the memories occur. Information is stored differently[…]

Thank You Spoon Benders!

Hi Everyone, I want to thank everyone who joined us for the Spoon bending event last month. We had an amazing turn-out of over 55 attendees. Not only did people learn how to bend spoons and forks, they also learned[…]

Hypnotic Suggestions…

The mind is extremely suggestible and is being bombarded daily with external suggestive stimuli from numerous sources, as well as suggestive thoughts and ideas from inside our mind. These self-hypnotic suggestions you give yourself daily are like a soundtrack re-running[…]

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