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Procrastination into Performance

Create Success by Turning Procrastination into Performance

How many of you are masterful at procrastinating, avoiding those things you should be doing with a sense of guilt looming over your head?   What we need to do is stop should-ing on ourselves; follow-through and just do it.

When you set your goals, whether it’s a task or something you want to achieve, it’s necessary to establish a time line as to when you want it to be accomplished.  Words, such as will, going to, soon and can, denote the future and without a time line it becomes more challenging to meet our goals.

Below, are some techniques we shared at our Open House on Turning Procrastination into Performance.

1) Temporal Tap is enormously effective for breaking old habits and simultaneously establishing new one. This is a simple method to change behaviors that cannot be overcome by willpower alone. The Temporal Tap is one of the best tools for taking greater control of your life.


  • Identify a habit, attitude, automatic emotional response, or an issue you want to change.
  • Describe the change you want in a single sentence. State it as an affirmation as if it already exists.
  • Restate it, keeping the same meaning, but with negative wording such as “I no longer procrastinate”. (The meaning will still be positive even with the negative wording.)
  • As you tap keep your attention on the words, their meaning and your intention.


The statements need to be in a language that is aligned with your values and congruent with you goals.


  • Begin the Temporal Tap by placing your three middle fingers of your left hand just above your left ear. Tap from front to back around your left ear.
  • State the negatively worded version of your statement in rhythm as you tap around three times.  Repeating the statement with each pass.


“I no longer procrastinate” 

  • Tap hard enough to feel a firm contact and a bit of a bounce.
  • Repeat the technique on the right side, tapping with your right hand.
  • Tap from front to back around your right ear about three times repeating the positively worded statement with each pass.


 “I follow through with tasks and responsibilities.”                                                                                

  • Tap hard enough to feel a firm contact and a bit of a bounce.


Repeat the procedure several times per day.  The more you tap in the affirmation, the quicker and stronger the effect is on your nervous system.

2) K-27 Tap: (K-27 is the Kidney’s 27th meridian site on our body.) This tap facilitates the crossover of energy between the brain’s right and left hemispheres. You may find this technique useful if you are feeling unmotivated, off-balanced or physically or mentally exhausted.

  • Place the finger tips of your right hand on the upper left side of your chest (just under your clavicle)
  • Cross your left hand over your right, placing those finger tips on the upper right side of your chest (just under your clavicle)
  • Tap simultaneously, 5 to 10 times
  • Repeat a couple of times during the day
  • Breathe


Benefits of Tapping your K-27: 

  • Feel more balanced
  • Think more clearly
  • Harmonizes energies to help you stay on task
  • Improves motivation


By using one or both these techniques you will notice a difference as you turn procrastination into performance and create greater success.

“A goal is a dream with a timeline.”  Napoleon Hill

To Your Success,

Peak Performance Coach

Procrastination into Performance
Procrastination into Performance
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