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How Hypnosis Changed My World…My Story

How Hypnosis Changed My World…My Story

Marla BruckerIn 1975 I was living in Tucson, Arizona. I had just completed my Master of Science degree, and was working as a Rehabilitation Counselor for the Deaf. I wanted a change and decided to move to San Diego.

Prior to relocating, I asked my friend Danielle what I can do to change. I figured that people are going to like or dislike me in San Diego, just as they do in Tucson; therefore, I might as well change.

Danielle told me to “Stop saying you’re sorry all the time, and don’t be so shy…” hence, a lack of self-confidence. I stored that information in the back of my mind and soon forgot about it. Shortly after my move, I began volunteering at a center for the deaf and within a few months segued into a job as a rehabilitation counselor. I knew I never would have gotten the job if I had to interview for it since my interviewing skills were so poor due to my lack of confidence.

I started going to different women’s organizations during the evenings trying to find my niche. I would show up at the meetings, listen to the presenter, and then leave…so much for making an effort. I strategized it so well that I wouldn’t attend the same group twice because people might recognize me and perhaps want to talk.

And this is where my transformation began…

At one particular meeting the presenter, a hypnotherapist, was talking about expanding the mind’s power. I was so intrigued by what he was saying that I wanted to raise my hand and ask my very first question in front of a group. I realized then that this was why I chose the profession of working with the deaf because I didn’t have to speak verbally; I could just use sign language and it was easy.

It took me 15 minutes to formulate my question. My heart was pounding and I thought it was going to be the most stupid question in the world. Finally, I forced my hand up and asked, “What is the longevity of a suggestion?” The presenter responded by saying, “However long you want it to work, from six seconds to 160 years.”  I thought, COOL – I’ll take the 160 years!

Instead of leaving immediately as I normally would after the presentation, I approached the hypnotist about hypnotizing my deaf clients (not about me, of course). And yes, I found out that you can hypnotize the deaf.

A week later the hypnotist and I met in his office and he showed me what to do. He then offered me an opportunity of a lifetime. He asked if I would like to experience the profound effects hypnosis can have on one’s life, and if so, what would I like to work on? I began rattling off my list: “I don’t want to be shy, I don’t want to feel insecure, I don’t want to feel lazy, and I don’t want to feel stupid.”

He stopped me right then and there and said, “I’m sorry, I don’t work with people like you.” (WHAT?!?!?!) He continued to say, “I don’t work with people who don’t want something, only with people that want. So what is it that you want to achieve?” 

That became an instant reframe for me, and I said, I want a better self-esteem.  I want confidence. I want motivation, and I want to realize my potential.”

And within a year and a half, my whole life changed…

I became president of a national women’s organization. They sent me to Phoenix and Seattle to become a trainer of trainers, and a few years later I started another branch of that organization.

I’ve been in private practice for almost 30 years now as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Peak Performance Coach, and own the Motivational Institute of Hypnotherapy where we train and certify others to do this work.

Most importantly, from being that shy and insecure person—having never raised my hand in a group in my life—I am now a national and international motivational trainer having worked in parts of the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

And it all started with that one thing…the desire to change.

I’m sharing my story because you too can change your world with hypnosis!

To Your Success,

Peak Performance Coach

How Hypnosis Changed My World…My Story
How Hypnosis Changed My World…My Story
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