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There is Strength in Numbers…

We stand stronger with the support of others.

“In a rural area a farmer was tending to his horse named Buddy, and along came a stranger who desperately needed the farmer’s help. The stranger had lost control of his vehicle and ran it off into a ditch. The stranger asked the farmer if his horse could somehow pull the small vehicle out of the ditch for him. The farmer said he would come, bring his horse, and take a look, but could not promise he would help if his horse might be injured in some way from attempting to pull the vehicle out of the ditch.

The farmer did see that the stranger was correct and that the vehicle was small, so the farmer took a rope and fixed it so that his horse, Buddy, would be able to pull the vehicle out of the ditch. The farmer said, “Pull, Casey, Pull,” but the horse would not budge. The farmer then said, “Pull, Bailey, Pull,” but the horse would not budge again. The farmer then said, “Pull, Mandy, Pull,” and again the horse would not move. Then the farmer said, “Pull, Buddy, Pull,” and the horse pulled until the small vehicle was out of the ditch.

The stranger was so very grateful, but asked the farmer why he called the horse by different names? The farmer said, “Buddy is blind, and I had to make him think he had help and support pulling the car out of the ditch or he would not have pulled.”

The acronym TEAM means “Together Each Achieve More.”

There are times in our lives when we may hesitate, perhaps give up on ourselves, or don’t attempt to do something if we have to do it alone. However, if you wait on others in order for accomplish something you may find yourself in a ditch.
When you feel alone, reach out and help others… By offering your help we find the strength within ourselves, creating a sense of empowerment; hence, we are not alone…

Your life creates a ripple affect…make someone smile today and receive one back. That’s how we find strength in others, as well as within ourselves.

Make kindness a habit.

Marla Brucker
Peak Performance Coach

There is Strength in Numbers…
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