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Open House Social Networking Evening

September 20, 2016 | Topic: “How to eat right for your body”| Speaker: Tamara Renee

Our September Open House Social Networking Evening was a great success!  We want to thank Tamara Renee for sharing valuable information on that magic formula on how to enjoy each morsel of your life. Her presentation on how to eat right for your body was truly captivating.

Please enjoy some picture of this event.

pic1MIOH Team: Elaine, Marla and Andrew

pic2Presenter: Tamara Renee

pic3Attendees having fun!!!

MIOH StudentsMIOH Students – Martine, Sarah, Marcos,

Mousqa, & Marla

pic5Noah, Mousqa, Barb and Marcos

pic6Raffle: Elaine, Marla and Linda White

pic7Bonnie and Marla w/ Martine (photobombing)

pic8Sarah and Mousqa having fun!!!

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